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Wolfgang Steinwidder

Wolfgang Steinwidder

Position Composing and Arrangement

About My name is Wolfgang Steinwidder, and I am born at 7th of November in 1973. I am a scorpio. I am proud to say that I am artist, composer and producer. I am writing my own music, and I am playing all needed voices on my own. My skills I got at the conservatory, and got lessons in piano, organ, singing and guitar. Later on I was playing in different bands, and sometimes the church organ. I do love the mighty sound of the church organ, which sounds a bit like eternity for me. It was always my dream to compose and arrange my own songs. My dream came true, and I am really happy about it. Although I know about classical music and composition, my heart belongs to pop music. I am trying to compose my music like all the big, wonderful musicians did. It is a long process of many, many ideas and visions….coming finally together in the song. When it is ready…it is like the birthday of your baby. I love my songs forever. And like ourselves, they can grow, and getting bigger with the time. And then we are so very proud of our babies. Yes, we are. I am.

About the quality of my music:

I am playing all Keyboards live in the studio, without any MIDI settings or changes.

The effects and the sounds itself are coming from a MIDI database called Vst, because I am using different types of Synths,

so it would be too expensive and placetaking to store them all by myself.

All the vocals on my songs are sung live with a very beloved mic ( I am not gonna tell which one). I am using Delay and Reverb effects

but always before recording, because I believe in the words of Queen, who said, that if the sound is not good, it would never be later on.

I am not using any kind of shifting or Auto tune, and I don`t need to, I am a trained vocalist with classical background.

The guitars are all played live with different amps and racks. I have five different types of guitars I am using mostly, like Ibanez, Kramer, Fender, and Samick.

I am not using any kind of virtual, Synth or Software guitars. I love the feel of real guitars, and I think that any kind of those are sounding awful.

The drums are very different, because depending on the song they are sometimes coming from the Synth or a drum machine, or sometimes

I am playing them live as well in the studio.

The basses same like the drums.....sometimes Synth, sometimes Bass guitar, sometimes even both, like in Rock me...feel me.

I am composing my lyrics by myself, and also the melodies on a sheet of notes paper, mostly on my piano, or on synth. In some cases also on guitar.

About my videos:

Because I just started, my video budget is still small. So I am using a mix of own scenes I am recording with a handy cam and

a green wall, but also scenes from other copyright owners, who I pay for using their scenes, especially that kind of space scenes,

rocket scenes, or aerial scenes I could not afford to record by myself, or which would not even possible to record, like space scenes.

It is one of my goals to film my videos all by myself furthermore....but this takes a bit higher budget :)

But I am sure, it will be possible for me in the future. It is one of my dreams.

Hi, my sweet beloved ones!

This week I did an Interview with Artist Rack.

It says a lot about me, and I post it here for you!


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