The sound of eternity...


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No 1 in the official MTV-USA Top 100 Spotify playlist!!

No 1 in the official MTV-USA Top 100 Spotify playlist!! Wohoooooooo!

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The iconic Hollywood Analog and Digital Mastering legend! Capitol Records. 

Google. Apple. Once worked with him you will always come back.

The iconic US American TV and radio voice since 1984. 

A voice you will never ever forget in your entire life.

The German video and graphics genius! Has been working for Red Bull, Mercedes and Audi.

His perfect videos and ideas are increasing the value of everthing they are connected with.

The Australian Graphics and animations Studio SmartgraphicsAu! 

Animation videos from Down Under, and Out of  this world. Highly creative and unique.

The best US Society NY-LA photographer! From JPN_photography. 

His pictures are created like the Hollywood movies...the perfect photo of the moment.

The genius Austrian photo artist! Is painting people with the camera like nobody else. 

The MichaelAngelo of today`s photograpy. An artist with the ability to paint your soul.

 This song is dedicated to all my friends in Hollywood, and the world.