The sound of eternity...


The Hollywood Rock Story

In Dec 2018 I released the song "Angel from LA".

It was basically written for a female promoter in Los Angeles.

In Jan 2019 I first time went there to visit this awesome town and to promote my song, and maybe write a new one.


But what happened then totally kicked me out of my shoes.

From the first moment on I felt home here like never before in my life.

I met actors, models, authors and photographers.

We sat in the pubs all night, talking about music, talking about our dreams. 

I told them, that my first tour would  start in L.AAnd they just said "Yeah...keep going...when will it be?" 

Thumbs up.For the first time in my life I could just be me without the need of explaining myself.

For the first time I really felt home.And I knew, that this story just had started.

When back in Vienna, I finished the composition I had started in Hollywood...on public places like I did it on Hollywood Boulevard.

Then it took me 4 moths to record it. It was a highly creative phase.

 Whenever I finished a track...there was an even better idea....a better way to do it. 

My friends in Hollywood teached me always to go the extra mile.

To continue going when it starts hurting. Because that is, what success is about.

After finished the recording I booked another flight. 

And this time it was very like coming home.

They even knew me already at the airport, and welcomed me.

And I fucking loved it so much to be back. I met all my friends and it was just awesome. But this time I had plans for my new song.

I went to my friend Mike Wells, one of the best mastering engineers in Hollywood,who mastered my song. I didn`t want to leave his studio anmyore, because it was like a dream for me. I just wanted to stay.

With Petiene from jpn_photography , my pgotographer friend I was visiting Beverly Hills, to make some cover pics. We were in such good mood,that we went to a crossing there, ignoring the traffic, making pictures.

They stopped for us. Nobody said a word a word.

When we were finished people around came out of their houses, and gave me high five. I am still getting tears in my eyes when thinking of it.

They said things like " We need guys like you here". That`s Hollywood. We also visited Sunset Avenue where we did photos taken from the other side of the street, while the traffic was floating


And pics in Santa Monica in the sunset. So beautiful. While he was taking the pics, I was watching the sunset..the wind in my hair...the taste of salt on my lips.

And I said loud "I love this country so much", and then people around started photographing the scene as well, because they felt it ,too.

When back in Vienna, the project started to get international dimensions.

All my friends started helping me, and I also met new ones.

And the journey will continue. And is impossible to plan anything. Because I am following my visions.

And always when I think I got an amazing idea for the coming song, I am getting a new vision that makes me cry.

In the train, at night...or wherever. 

And it changes my life. Every time...

. Wolfang Steinwidder                                                                                         August, 2nd, 2019.