The sound of eternity...



Wolfgang Steinwidder

Wolfgang Steinwidder

Position Composing and Arrangement

About My name is Wolfgang Steinwidder, and I am born at 7th of November in 1973. I am a scorpio. I am proud to say that I am artist, composer and producer. I am writing my own music, and I am playing all needed voices on my own. My skills I got at the conservatory, and got lessons in piano, organ, singing and guitar. Later on I was playing in different bands, and sometimes the church organ. I do love the mighty sound of the church organ, which sounds a bit like eternity for me. It was always my dream to compose and arrange my own songs. My dream came true, and I am really happy about it. Although I know about classical music and composition, my heart belongs to pop music. I am trying to compose my music like all the big, wonderful musicians did. It is a long process of many, many ideas and visions….coming finally together in the song. When it is ready…it is like the birthday of your baby. I love my songs forever. And like ourselves, they can grow, and getting bigger with the time. And then we are so very proud of our babies. Yes, we are. I am.

I am a dreamer, but I am not the only one.